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Children Must Become Competent in Reading Before They Have...

Introduction Writing has existed as far back as the 7th millennium BC and the 4th millennium BC, it first started with mnemonic symbols which later became a system of ideograms. In the early days people wrote on different things,such as silk,rocks,wood,papyrus etc. It wasnt Until the 15th century were parchment or vellum (calfskin) were used as pages for the first books. A book can be said to be a set of written or printed made of ink and paper usually fastened together or coupled electronically (e-books) for the purpose of storing or recording information. Collins and Cheek (1999) explained that reading involves a complex thought process in order to understand a writing or printed message. According to Rubin (2002), reading is a total integrative process that starts with the reader and includes the affective, perceptual, and cognitive domains. Okebukola (2004) affirms that,by reading books, humans have the tools to transmit knowledge from one generation to another; it allows one to listen to the wisdom of those who have lived in the past and so on. This even expressed by religious prophets. The Apostle Paul in the bible admonished Timothy â€Å"study to show yourself approved unto God (11 timothy 2:15). Islam values acquisition of knowledge (literacy, reading, etc.) As very important The holy Qur’an reveals that the first communication ( between Allah and Prophet Muhammad was intellectual. Douglas (2000) asserts that children must become competent in reading before theyShow MoreRelatedWhy I Am A Volunteer Program1527 Words   |  7 Pages Introduction Dovercourt School is a bilingual school which provides English and Chinese program. The school philosophy is to believe that the students need to be engaged to be deeply successful in their learning. They believe that the students will be successful by persisting studying, overcoming obstacles, and delighting in accomplishing their work. I began to be a volunteer to read mandarin stories to students in mandarin grades three and four in Dovercourt School in Oct 14 and Oct 16. OnRead More I Teach Therefore I Can Essay examples1478 Words   |  6 Pagesto do everything or was a poor teacher. A teacher must be able to do and then teach it to others. In order to do this, a teacher must first obtain the skills him/herself. Teachers have the responsibility of providing their students with the skills necessary for success later in life, and the most essential skills are the ability to read and write. As time evolves and technology advances, the skills necessary to get by in life have also progressed. As a result, it is no longer enoughRead MoreReceiving a Scholarship1388 Words   |  6 Pagesevening. It is an honor and with great humility I stand before you today, to encourage those candidates selected that will go forward and to thank those that assisted me in the past from this fine club. SCHOLARSHIP is defined as a â€Å"commitment to learning.† Scholarship is NOT an inherited quality, but one that is acquired and developed as a result of responsibility, diligence, and dedication. A scholar is willing to spend hours in reading and study, knowing the lasting benefits of a cultured andRead MoreCritical Issues With Developing Reading Skills Essay2238 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract Developing reading skills in children has become a vital component in formal education. Scholars argue that when the child is exposed to some amount of reading it is a step towards the child becoming a good reader. As a result, many educators today continue to advocate that the best way to become a proficient reader is by reading widely and frequently. However, there have been arising issues that have become obstacles in gaining reading proficiency. This paper will explore the criticalRead MoreThe Philosophy Of Education And Education Essay1545 Words   |  7 PagesThe philosophy of education is not a topic that can be fully taught and understood by reading and studying a textbook, or a few textbooks for that matter. I believe that the philosophy of education is somewhat subjective, rather than objective, and that there exists numerous answers to what is the â€Å"philosophy of education†. I feel that one’s answers can not be expressed with a single word nor a sentence ; and that one has to â€Å"experience† rather than just read to find the answer. Yes, a huge part ofRead MoreImproving the Health and Nutrition for Students Essay1011 Words   |  5 PagesThere have been a lot of theories written on how we develop from birth to adulthood; the basis of it is explained within the three domains, physical, cognitive and social – emotional development and although they seem like three separate areas they in fact relate closely together. Arnold Gesell a theorist wrote a theory on physical development and explained how a child develops using age norms, he noted how a child grows and changes from a baby to a teenager going through puberty, how a brain developsRead MoreAs A Classroom Teacher, How Can You Learn About Your Culture And Your Students Cultures And Communities1601 Words   |  7 PagesSimply, by appealing to the students to converse about or share dishes distinctively in their ethnicity, allows the student to show family values, environment of home, family dynamics and social skills. The principal way to bring about such a task is, have a cultural food fair. Asking each student to prepare a preferred dish and assemble information about the preparation like, who cooks this dish, even where and why this dish came to be, etc. in a class presentation. The students can give informationRead MoreEffective Reading Instruction Provides Children With The Key Skills And Strategies1903 Words   |  8 PagesEffective r eading instruction provides children with the key skills and strategies they require. Children also depend upon the opportunity to read a range of interesting text to apply their knowledge. For children to become competent readers educators must explicitly and systematically teach the required skills and strategies. To build children’s confidence in these skills and strategies educators need to provide plenty of opportunity for children to read independently texts that interest them. EffectiveRead MoreApplication Of Instruction Directly Affects Student Literacy Essay2111 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction Reading skills are equally important as compared to any other skills, which a person should develop. The reading skills in this case need to be developed from adolescence, which gradually enhances throughout the life. Reading and learning are closely connected to each with the interface being the interpretation. It is a general fact that our brain grasps things for a longer time if it can interpret what is being read (Sanjay, 2011). Studies have been conducted to determine how an implementationRead MoreCritical Issues With Developing Reading Skills Essay2238 Words   |  9 PagesDeveloping Reading Skills in Children Abstract Developing reading skills in children has become a vital component in formal education. Scholars argue that when the child is exposed to some amount of reading it is a step towards the child becoming a good reader. As a result, many educators today continue to support that it is important to become a proficient reader which will be by reading widely and frequently. However, there have been arising issues that have become obstacles in gaining reading proficiency

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Genre Analysis Jenny Mollen - 1156 Words

IRichard Her 9/19/17 English 109W Final Draft Genre Analysis Jenny Mollen, an American actress and New York best selling author, once said, â€Å"I think the power of persuasion would be the greatest superpower of all time† (â€Å"Jenny Mollen Quotes†, n.d.). In other words, if you are able to persuade someone, you can basically get anything you want. Today, many expert writers utilizes genre conventions to state their purpose and to persuade their audience. First of all, what is a genre convention? Genre convention is defined as a communication or a connection for writers and readers through the structure, reference, or language of an essay. For example, if a famous science author wrote a scientific journal article, then the†¦show more content†¦In the article, the most repetitive word that was used was biotechnology. When the word â€Å"biotechnology† appears, the author usually describes the negative or positive effects of it. An example is when the author stated, â€Å"Biotechnology cannot provide secure foo d and reduce poverty during the development world.(Lesik,2017)† Therefore, this will inform and make the reader understand that biotechnology is being discussed in the paragraph. Another language that the author used was their â€Å"point of view†. The author used the third person point of view to provide evidence for his article. By using the third person point of view, it made his article sound more effective and scholarly, because he does not use the words, â€Å"I† or â€Å"we†. The second genre convention that the author used was structure. For a scientific journal article, the structure usually contains different sections such as an introduction, material/methods, data, results, and a conclusion. The purpose of having this structure is to organize the information, and to make it easier to identify for readers. In my article, the article has the same structure, but it does not have the same sections that were listed above. Instead, it have sections such as a problem setting, research objective, key search finding, and a conclusion.The problem setting section provided a brief introduction of the problem regarding to genetically modified organisms. For that section, it is stated that genetically modified organisms

Animal Species Free Essays

Animal species are decreasing at an alarming rate, and many of it has to do with human interference to animals habitats. In the article â€Å"Era of ‘Biological Annihilation’ Is Underway, Scientists Warn†(2017) by Tatiana Scholssberg she explains the way in which 2 Stanford University Professors and one professor from Universidad Nacional Autà ³noma de Mà ©xico wrote their study and the way they worded and put their ideas together on the topic of global loss of animal species: It wouldn’t be ethical right now not to speak in this strong language to call attention to the severity of the problem.† The destruction humans are doing to animals is detrimental, and is causing animals to go decrease in population at such a high speed and these 3 professors take it upon themselves to make this issue sound as horrendous as it should. We will write a custom essay sample on Animal Species or any similar topic only for you Order Now Throughout the beginning to mid part of the article Scholssberg explains how fast animal populations have decreased, she uses specific numbers to show at what speed these populations are actually decreasing by. Such as cheetas as se mentions have about 7000 members left than they had before any major destruction was made to their habitats and them. She further explains how it was difficult for the 3 professors from UNAM and Stanford to gather their information. Since different scientists have distinct definitions of what population means, it would be hard to show how population loss is affecting different species of animals. When scientists are looking into animal population loss they usually see a fragment of how much the animal species population has been decreasing and not necessarily the whole picture regarding all animal species as explained by Scholssberg. She mentions that â€Å"previous estimates of global extinction rates have been too low, in part because scientists have been too focused on the complete extinction of a species† which does not â€Å"generate enough public concern,† and lends the impression that many species are not severely threatened, or that mass extinction is a distant catastrophe.† Scholssberg mentions that the 3 professors whos study she was reviewing took a different route when discussing the decrease of various animal species, which helped them come to the conclusion that â€Å"the disappearance of entire populations, and the decrease of the number of individuals within a population,† are both equally important but usually people don’t see the big picture in the decrease of various animal species. As mentioned earlier many of the decreases in the animal population are because of human activity. Such as climate change and the constant exploitation of animals habitats. To help sort of balance this out Scholssberg mentioned in her article that â€Å"some species have been able to rebound when some of these pressures are taken away.† By this, I’m sure she means that when humans stop interfering with an animals habitat, animals are more likely to live a more fruitful life. Humans may just really be the toxic ones, over exploiting and taking over animals habitats. There will be a long-lasting impact with these animal populations and if we don’t stop now, when will we? How to cite Animal Species, Papers

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My Man Essays - , Term Papers, Research Papers

My Man I sat on the beach eyeing the brown haired hunk who sat all alone a little way away from me. I kept thinking of whether I should get up and "accidentally" trip next to him. After pondering this for about 15 minutes, I decided what the heck- I didn't have anything to lose. As I Got up, I glanced over one more towards his direction, I saw the most horrid sight! Sitting right next to him, was some blonde haired girl, wearing the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen! I decided I still wanted to go and get up, but to stretch my legs, and besides, the water was looking really nice. I walked to the water, past my man, and I tried to listen to what they were saying to each other. As I did this, in all my efforts to look inconspicuous, I tripped and fell right next to them!! The blonde bimbo looked over at me and started laughing!! She got up, came over, and said "Ooops! Heh, that's MY bag." Okay, if she had been sincere, fine, I wouldn't have been so mad. But, well, if she had been any more fake, I'm sure she would have turned into plastic or something! Anyway, I got up, brushed off my legs, and with a little "hmph" I walked off. I sat down by the water and fantasized about how wonderful it would be if it were me with him. Soon though, in thinking that, my anguish turned into anger, and my anger into hatred. Hatred for that mean girl who had what belonged to me! I wanted to go up to her and hit her across the face and I wanted to show her who was the boss. I wanted to show her what happens to people who are rude to me. In my thoughts, I saw them both running up to the water, hand in hand, laughing. I sat there, staring at the girl, wishing as hard as I could that something could perhaps attack her or something, leaving me with my man. Suddenly, almost as if someone were answering my prayer, and giant shark came and took the girl away! He turned and looked in my direction. He then walked over to me, and took me in his arms, telling me I was the only one he ever wanted. We walked to his beautiful, sleek silver BMW Z-3. We drove off, the sun setting in the back of us. Aaah, if only life was like that. The things I imagine, well, Amazing is all I can say. After day dreaming that scenario, I got up, got my things together, and without another look at the two love birds, I left. Drove home, took a shower, and went to bed. I realized beauty always is put over intellectualness. Perhaps someday someone would realize to look inside a person before the look at the outside.

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Aisha Rapant Essays - Lucy Grealy, Free Essays, Term Papers

Aisha Rapant Essays - Lucy Grealy, Free Essays, Term Papers Aisha Rapant Caputa English 101 31 October 2016 Standing Out It was only a few years ago in 2011, which I clearly remember how I felt my whole summer vacation. My mother and I took our fourth trip to Africa for about two months to visit our family. The people of Niger, West Africa have such different lifestyles, values, and representations on the world than many others are used to. It was so tough to wake up every day and accept that what they might seem different, is very common for myself. Lucy Grealy, in her essay Mirrorings , describes her journey of self-acceptance through the opinions and influences of society after being diagnosed with Cancer. Both the uncontrollable sickness of Grealy and the color of my skin had effects on our own self-esteem, thus being trapped in our surroundings opinions. Being on a completely different continent wasn't enough to commence the feeling of being judged. In a country warned with terrorism and violence, any tourist who passes by, not looking like one of their own, was given unwante d attention. However, my initial feeling was of confidence. Grealy states that she "was the only one walking about in the world" whom actually cared about and focused on what was "important", unlike the appearance of her deformed face (26). The whole point of my trip was to see my many uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandmother; that was my priority, not what I looked like. It was on the first night that we arrived which riled up the whole town. The talk of the town of light-skinned foreigners coming spread like a wildfire. By the crack of dawn, dozens of visitors had already came and went. Even little kids from the houses next to us and strangers were gathered right outside the old-fashioned hut, peering in at my mother and I. Half of them never even said hello. That made me extremely uncomfortable. The only reason I could think of them gawking at us like that was because of the color of my skin. Why would that even matter? However, I wasn't thinking like that. In her literature, Grealy writes, "On one level, I understood that the image of my face was merely that, an image, a surface that was not directly related to any true, deep definition of the self. But I also knew that it is only through appearances that we experience and make decisions about the everyday world" (29). My difference in race was enough to have them think I'm so much different. Most have never even seen, nor met another individual outside of their ethnicity, so I'm sure they had their reason to act so strange, as they though t I was. For a few days, I was terrified to leave our little room. I was afraid of the things the visitors would say. Indeed, I was right. A week or so in, I was starting to make trips into the weekly Good-Friday market. The day of the week in which thousands of consumers crowd the streets to buy spices, clothing, furniture, and newly imported meats from the capital. Going about the day, noticed passer-byers mumbling phrases under their breath as they walked on. Some of them, I recognized. They were racial slurs, derogatory comments, and just plain rude words. Similar to Grealy, she "receivednasty comments about [her] face" which "hurt and disoriented" her self-esteem (23). Something as simple as hailing a motorcycle taxi was surprisingly difficult, even though the town was jam-packed with them. The men would just lie and say they were off duty or pass us by, just to be seen picking up someone else down the street. It seemed the town was so uninviting. On one specific day, I remember being so frightened to venture out into the main part of town. I wanted to cover my body more than ever before. Being a predominantly Muslim region, I decided to try and fit in by purchasing a traditional hijab to wear. The combination of the headpiece and traditional clothing certainly put the harassment and let-downs to a minimum. Nothing seemed out of place from a quick glance of us foreigners. Serving as a temporary hiding place,

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Discussion Questions for In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

Discussion Questions for In Cold Blood by Truman Capote In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is a nonfiction  novel that tells the story of the murder of a Kansas family in 1959. Use these book club discussion questions on In Cold Blood to discuss Capotes literary masterpiece. Spoiler Warning: These questions reveal important details about In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Finish the book before reading on. Book Club Discussion Questions How does Capote build suspense despite the fact that readers know the ultimate outcome from the beginning of In Cold Blood?​In what ways is In Cold Blood like a fiction novel? How does Capote report the facts and allow different voices to speak without using a journalistic style?In Cold Blood starts with details about the Clutter familys last day alive. Did any of the details particularly stick out to you? Did Capote make you feel attached to the family by sharing these details?Were there any other characters you empathized with because of small details Capote wrote about them? Bobby Rupp? Alvin Dewey?Why do you think Capote split the narrative into three sections? Why do you think he did not describe how the murders happened until Dick and Perry were caught and gave their confessions?Did you feel sympathy for Dick or Perry at any point?How did Capote humanize the killers? Were you surprised by how likable they could seem despite the brutality of their crime and unremorsefulne ss to the end? Capote seems to paint Perry in a more sympathetic light than Dick. He seems sensitive and even kind at points; however, by the end, you find out that Perry committed all four murders. Did that surprise you? Did you sympathize with Dick more than Perry at any point? Or did you not buy any of the kind characterizations?Do you think Dick and Perry were sane? Did the psychiatric analysis of them and descriptions of other cold-blooded killers surprise you? Scare you? Make you think differently about violent crime or the death penalty?Rate In Cold Blood by Truman Capote on a scale of one to five.

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Analysis of Sony Experia Mobile Market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Analysis of Sony Experia Mobile Market - Essay Example 39-48) for promotion and activation of the brand worldwide. It further discusses the market positioning and targeted segments of the market for its launch of S, P, U and Z segments in the smartphone market. It further classifies and explains the impact of aggressive marketing techniques and campaign promotion of the brand itself. The report also highlights the evaluation report on the smartphone itself and its effect on the consumer smartphone market. Company Overview Sony Ericsson (Sony, 2013) has a great impact on the environment and the society with its commitment to innovation and improvement in its smartphones. It tends to follow a holistic approach evaluating three-dimensional approach to sustainability, such as economic, environmental and social aspects, thus enabling the triple line bottom thinking of the company. Sony Ericsson (2013) is the leading international mobile phone manufacturer in the world with wider market that facilitates innovative mobile technology. It attribu tes towards the development and design, manufacturing and economies of sales of electronic devices and equipment. It is also engaged in the production and distribution of motion pictures, home entertainment, recorded music labels and other television and financial products. Its primary manufacturing facility is located in Asia and have broader sales network in approximately 200 countries worldwide (Gow, 2006, pp. 20-28). Its primary market is in Japan, United States and Europe but is also renowned and reached its target market worldwide (Sony, 2013). Sony Experia – Overview Sony Ericsson launched its first handset in 2008 with an expectation to give the market a huge competition and the company would start a flagship line in the industry. It includes Xperia NXT, Xperia S, P and U series (Sony, 2013) that are all targeted towards different concentrated market affordable and reachable to the mass audience. The new range of the Xperia smartphones is sought to capture the major a udience and the league of the smartphones all over the world (Sony, 2013). The smartphones will address to a larger market and will be suitable to customers’ form all walk of life. It also emphasized that each smartphone will have its one distinctive quality and personality that will distinguish it from the crowd (Millett, 2012). The Xperia S will be a high-end smartphone while Xperia P is slightly smaller than S and comes with the White Magic technology that relishes that device can be viewed in the direct sunlight too. It is reachable to the masses at affordable prices. Lastly, Xperia U is the least expensive smartphone in its kind and is not only affordable but user friendly smartphone equipped with the latest technology and apps reachable to low end to high end classes worldwide (Sony, 2013). Market Industry The market is very competitive and volatile (Aaker, 1997, pp. 347-356) with high end to low end players in the smartphone leagues. Its major key players are Blackberr y, HTC, Samsung, and Nokia smartphones. The industry is experiencing continuous growth and expansion with various new competitors in the market explicating more sophisticated devices every day. The smartphone industry is known for its competitive and memorable advertising campaigns and launches. The industry is full of creative minds with competitive marketing campaign pouring in the market that could capture the attention of the customer’